Master’s Degree

The Professional Master’s Program in Performing Arts systematic expands the job possibilities of artists regarding the performing arts sector, both in the academic and the professional field in, allowing them to become a teacher in the field of higher education.

In Brazil, it is the first professional master’s degree in Performing Arts destined for professional practice. The course deepens the resources of artistic work in two lines of research that furnish theoretical elements to support professional activity, providing and developing tools for building and sharing knowledge based on the artistic background and aims of the artist-researcher. The final work can be essentially practical, the presentation or performance of an artistic work together with a memoir of the work process; there is also the option to develop a traditional dissertation.

Our concerns are to offer a more dynamic, flexible and plural professional master’s degree according to the discussions regarding the innovation of academic programs within the field of arts.

Target group: The professional master’s degree in Performing Arts is aimed at graduate students in any field of knowledge within Arts: Performing Arts, Performance, Dance, Music, Fine Arts, Film-Making and other academic background that can be related to Performing Arts.


  • Creative processes: focus on scenic production in its diverse modalities (theatre, dance, performance, visual and musical creations);
  • Pedagogical processes: focus on premises and criteria of pedagogical practices in Performing Arts;
  • Cultural project management: focus on spectacles production, space management, institutional management, selection and curator practices within Performing Arts;
  • Memory and archive: focus on the historical preservation of artistic productions relevant for Performing Arts, investigating and creating archives of institutional or personal path.



The curricular structure of the professional master’s degree in Performing Arts emphasizes the articulation of innovative ideas and the construction of knowledge, along with the mastery of methodology appropriate for the specific professional field.

Innovative in its structure, the professional master’s degree in Performing Arts privileges the following activities:

  • Development of an authorial artistic project of research in the Performing Arts
  • Development of a final work of practical and experimental character
  • Investigation of practical procedures for the performing arts scene
  • Insertion within a space for artistic integration with several experienced and professional artists as teachers.
  • Interdisciplinary actions
  • Continued follow-up of the team