Artistic Proposals Meeting – EPA

The EPA opens up space to free creation!

An authorial and independent artistic event held by students of the Célia Helena Center for Arts and Education.

– Held twice a year on school grounds

– Open to the public, free admission

– Includes diverse possibilities of artistic expressions: theatre, dance, music, fine arts, performative interventions

The theme for this semester is:



It’s not present, it’s past”


What is the EPA – Artistic Proposals Meeting?

The EPA is an open channel for creative and autonomous actions of the students and former students from Célia Helena Center for Arts and Education. Since 1997, twice a year, the students – creator-actors – have the opportunity to share their authorial creations in a place for reflection and acknowledgment.

The artistic dialogue can be proposed in the form of a poem, music, action or words. It can be a scene in the process of staging; the discovery of movements experienced in class; the text written and hidden in the memory; the music that sounds internally and asks to be externalized; drawings and paintings can be shown, and installations can interact with the landscape of the school… the EPA is all of this… Be part of it!

Click below to see the photos of the last edition!