Postgraduate Studies

Lato Sensu

Specialization in artistic modalities within Performing Arts

The courses develop an encounter with various performing arts, audiovisual and educational sectors.

Artistic practice is part of the history of Célia Helena Center for Arts and Education. Each course focuses on the improvement of actors, stage directors, art-educators, playwrights, choreographers, and researchers.

Along with faculty members, visiting professors and specialists in a diverse field of studies within Performing Arts can dialogue with students and advise them in the development of their studies and papers.

Duration: 16 months

Classes: twice a week, 4-hour classes

Courses offered:

  • Art and Education

The main objective of this course is to develop pedagogical methodology and tools by promoting the dialogue between theatre, fine arts, dance, music, literature, dramaturgy and new media.

  • Body movement – dance, theatre and performance

This course proposes classes to explore the scenic potential of the body and to investigate the contemporary expression of movement: political body movement, expressive body movement, and performative body movement. These three approaches kindle reflection on corporeality as a hybrid element for acting in theatre, dance, and performance.

  • Acting

The main objects in the actor’s work process are scenic creation and the exploration of different creative approaches for the interpreter. The course is essentially practical, but theoretical background provides the students with tools to discuss and experience artistic manifestations, aesthetics, genres and expressive resources.

  • Acting for musicals

Singing, dancing, acting for theatre: this course provides improvement of professional skills that are balanced to build a complete actor for the musical genre. It promotes the practical investigation of the musical theatre concept through analysis of current productions, seeking for a creative and authentic approach in Brazil.

  • Theatre direction

Since 2010, the postgraduate course for Direction has been consolidated as a reference of the work developed by the Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena. In this program, artists, researchers and stage directors find an open space for discussion of authorial investigations. We invite relevant artists in the contemporary scene to teach and share experiences.

  • Dramaturgy

The Dramaturgy course deepens the conceptual and practical formation for playwriting in its diverse supports: theatre, movies, television, documentaries and games. We invite playwrights with extensive experience in this area (including theory, criticism, production, curatorship and creation).