Connections Project

Since 2007, the ESCH fosters youth theatre groups in public and private schools through the Connections Project, in partnership with the British Council, National Theatre (UK) and Brazilian institutes. This year the ESCH is involved in its 11th edition.

ESCH is entirely responsible for planning actions in which, every year, 200 young people take part in plays and 2,000 children and young spectators, who lack access to culture, can have their first experience in a theatre house.

The project consists in the formation of theatre groups, workshops and training, performances and debate forum with the participants. The young actors perform texts written by contemporary playwrights from Brazil and the United Kingdom, invited to compose plays aiming at an audience of youth and children.

The material gave rise to a bilingual book published, freely distributed to schools and international partners. Connections is recognized in national and international level, being developed also in Italy (Connections), Portugal (Panos), Scotland, Norway (Nyheter), Georgia, Finland (Nuoren Näyttämön) and Sweden (Länk).

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  • More than 200 young people involved in plays each year, with texts written especially  by Brazilian and English authors
  • More than 2,000 spectators without access to culture and the theatre have in the Young Theatre Exhibition the first opportunity to see a play
  • Project developed in partnership with the British Council, National Theatre and Cultura Inglesa